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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a day in the life Thursday 1st September 2011

Zalia is asleep now. It is 11.10am. Joaquin has been playing making pictures on the iPad with virtual stickers. I can not believe it is September already. Where o where has this year gone. Is that the same for everyone? The feeling life is flying past, no contact with today, no remembrance of yesterday?

 I think Zalia was tired this morning as kids are, especially kids that are not yet one and a half and are teething. She has swollen gums where her premolars should be and no incisors present. She is very cute but becomes so clingy and cries and wants to be held when she is tired or hungry. She went to bed late last night 9.30pm and I had gotten her to sleep late in the afternoon at 5pm after we came back from the park yesterday. Well I finally got her to sleep at 10am and I am sure she will wake up soon. I am still in my pjs as usual so is Joaquin and I have just put a load of washing on. It is sunny outside, I know as i just ventured out to take the clothes horse out with the clothes I washed from last night and to check the compost bin. The compost bin is doing ok, I need to add a layer of wet paper and dry leaves and twigs for at the moment it is just a monumental organic mess with egg shells and green leafy vegetables bits. I get very frustrated with my kids, and find it hard just to do a little bit for myself, like look at blogs, and do bobs and bits online. But thankfully Zalia has now slept an hour and I could do some catch up. Not educational catch up but online browsing, and stuff. Paying for things.

 I have to make lunch soon and probably will feed them -the little ones- left over Bolognese sauce with pasta. I will blend the sauce so Joaquin does not see the large onion bits and find the mushroom and not know what it is. He hates to find onion in his food but he eats it if he does not see it. So tricky mummy blends it up and hey presto a hungry child eats his nutritious dinner/lunch. I made it with organic carrots, organic garlic, not organic small tomatoes (from fruit and vege shop), not-organic onion (woolies bought), a can of tomatoes, water and stock, red wine (cab merlot) that is very cheap from the local bottle shop (clear skin) and some mince meat I bought in Bondi Junction at the fair from a lady who has her own farm so it is kind of organic I think. Anyway it was a successful dinner and Jas enjoyed it immensely even after his run to the beach and back.

Maybe after lunch I will venture down to the local park and hang out and I should venture over to the fish shop in Randwick and buy some salmon for dinner tonight. So many choices and decisions, life sometimes seems so hard and so complicated. It would be easier if I drove I know. She is up now, better go and get her up and make some lunch. chau chicos xxx

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