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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday 14th Sept my Day with my two

Wednesday was a beautiful hot spring day here in Sydney.
I got up Early with Jas (his alarm goes off sometime at 5am) and Zalia was up crying a bit, she has not been 100% not eating as much as before. She fell from the lounge on Saturday and hit her collarbone and may have fractured it.
Did not take her to Drs. till Monday afternoon and the dr said it may be fractured but will heal by it self and no need for an X-ray. She moved around a lot at the drs and the Dr. said she had a very determined look in her eye. Yes she has.

Well I left Z in bed, as she is not really crying just making noises and I had breakfast with Jas. I am feeling quite rotten with myself and it is that time of month that makes me so. Well the day before that time of the month. After breakfast Jas left in a hurry as he slept in past his alarm clock, well he was in with Zalia settling her when she woke up at 5am and then did not here his alarm go off. I did here it but turned it off and went back to sleep (naughty me).
In the end I got Z in bed with us (as Joaquin comes into our bed quite early at around 4am) and then I gave her a breastfed and knew she had done a poo in her nappy, It was a monstrous one and got everywhere so after her feed I changed her and put her pjs (onsies from Coles at $2) and her sleep sack to soak and dressed her and gave her a bottle and she laid in bed with Joaquin while he was on the iPad. I got breakfast ready for Joaquin. Joaquin ended up having 2 wheebix, 3 crumpets with honey, 1 toast with vegemite, a glass of milk and a small cup of apple juice. All before 10am. Zalia had breakfast for the first time in days (half a wheetbix and baby porridge with honey and milk). She was stealing Joaquin's wheetbix so I knew she was hungry. The last few days she has been off food, maybe the pain in her clavicle (collarbone).
Anyway I left home finally at 10.30 after 3 load of washing, heaps of breakfast preparing and speaking to my parents on the phone and I made lunch to take with us sandwiches, biscuits and left over pumpkin risotto for me. I ended up washing my sheets too as I had changed Zalia on our bed and believe me it was a mess.
We walked to the park in Randwick, met a mum and her 4 year old from Joaquin's mums group (Joaquin's best friend). I had a nice day talking to my friends, met a new lady with 2 kids who knows my other friend from soccer. She does hypnotising and told me she can make a tape for me to lose weight. I think it is a good idea to maybe try?
Well the kids had a good time in the playground, Zalia walked but did not attempt to go down the slide with her sore arm. I met a lady and her two kids from Colombia. Zalia played with her little girl. I met a lady who I had met before who is in her 60s and looks after a little boy called Sebastian. She remember Zalia and said she is petite but has grown a lot taller and said she has the most beautiful smile. Oh that makes my heart melt. Little Zazu.
Anyway Zalia loves her brother's friend and always annoys him and goes up to him to try to cuddle or tickle him. She is very cute. I spoke to my friend about her trying for another but it was not happening. It must be hard. She has given up hope a bit I think.

Then at around 2pm Zalia fell asleep, I rocked her a bit while I sat on the swing and then put her in the pram, the boys had their biscuits and we left at 2.30 and I walked to the library with Joaquin and Z sleeping. However on the way an ambulance went past and woke her up. She was very cranky. We went to the toy store, i bought a present for a three year old who's birthday party is on Sunday and then went to the library. I also bought some water colour paints for Joaquin to use at home that are not messy and have a great range of colours.

Zalia was still quite upset. and then went to the library to return books and get more out but could not find my card as per usual. Then i bought banana smoothies for them both. Then I bought some spinach for 0.99cents and then walked home. On the way stopped by Joaquin's friends house. We went inside then I agreed to take his friend home for a play. We only live a street away. At home everyone played, Zalia was ok, I swept and put laundry away. They painted outside. Zalia was getting clingy and upset and I breastfed her and then Jas arrived home and the mum of the little boy. We talked and I tried to get Zalia to sleep but did not happen. Jas got ready to go for a run and left. In end Jas came back from running, Zalia was happy again but did not really want a bottle of milk and I got dinner ready. Joaquin's friend and mum left and I made Dinner (red organic lentils, spinach Indian style and basmatti rice with friend onions and fetta cheese on top- a mixed recipe from Stephanie Alexander and Cooking 101 a similar recipe something like this) and the kids had sausages from Scone Butcher and pasta. The lentils were so yummy and I really enjoyed them, so did Jas. Zalia had some pasta and just sat there feeding herself with a fork, very civilised. Joaquin had 2 sausages and two pieces of bread. Then I cleaned up and washed up and Jas got the kids to bed. It was 9pm when we finished and then Jas had a magnum ice-cream and tea and I made the bed and got into bed and surfed the web a bit. Now sleep time. Good night.

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