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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers day (smothers day) in Sydney

Fathers dat=y consisted of
a) grumpy four year old who was upset making cards in the morning and waking up daddy at 7am with screams
b) card making and some toast for said kid
c) getting ready to go for breakfast after some tantrums at home
d) walking out the door at 9.30am for breakfast at local cafe
e) breakfast at local cafe, coffee, toast and eggs, mushrooms, avocados and bacon
f) bus into city
e) walking through Hyde park
f) going to Australian Museum
g) seeing dinosaurs, being scared of dinosaurs (even though we saw them last wednesday at the dinosaur hunt), patting a stick insect and collecting their eggs not confusing them with poo, looking at bugs under the microscope, going into skeleton room, buying small australian animal models in shop. Talking to lady working in museum about her dino dig experience and mine as a Paleontologist.
h) having asian soups at pitt st food court and chicken and chips for them
i)stopping at Zara
j) phonecall at Zara from Jas asking me if i was ready as this is father's day not mother's day
k) leaving Zara walking down to harbour and buying chocolate covered macadamia nuts form chocolate store at the Strand Arcade
l) walking to Opera house and taking phones
m) catching bus and having two sleeping children on the bus
n) Jas walking home carrying a sleeping 20kg 4 year old in his arms
o)making dinner, baths, bed ready for Monday!

Giganotosaurus from Argentina

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