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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A day at home with the little ones

I stayed at home all day today. I really do not know what got into me, one of those days. Very tired from teaching all day MOnday and tired from staying up late on Sunday night due to effects of having coffee too late on Sunday afternoon.
Really did not do much. Fed Joaquin and Zalia breakfast, wheetbix, toast, thomas pasta and orange juice.
Had an instant coffee which overall was quite nice.
Joaquin made a cubby house out of his table and chairs and a blanket and mat in his play room.

I made chicken soup as well with some chicken carcass and organic celery, garlic, spring onion, carrot, ginger.
I had a sleep in bed with Joaquin and Zalia who were both just playing in bed. Zalia did manage 2 sleeps but they were small.
In the afternoon I finally got cabin fever and had to get out and got ready and walked to the park. I was there till 5.45pm when Jas arrived and picked us up.
It was nice hanging at the park late afternoon as other types of families are around, not those that get their children fed and in bed by 5,45pm but those that are still doing things at that time.
In the end I am glad we got out if it was just for a little while even though Joaquin said we did not get out of the house all day mummy!

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