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Monday, September 19, 2011

Its Tuesday again

Its Tuesday AGAIN!
The weeks go so fast.
Yesterday Monday I taught practically all day.

My day was like this:
5.15am--- Zalia got up and I breastfed her in bed practically all morning till 7.30am
7.30-8.30am--- Got everyone ready and walked to preschool. Zalia had her first food breakfast in over a week, half a wheetbix and some crumpet with butter and vegemite. Joaquin also had wheetbix and crumpet and was in a good mood.
8.45--- Dropped Joaquin at preschool.
9.10am-- Walked back home and got ready to go to Uni
9.30am--- Said goodbye to Zalia and left her with Nanny and Luca and walked to uni
9.50am--- Arrived at uni, went to get the trolley with skulls and specimens from another lab.
10.00am--- Grabbed a Coffee from Uni coffee cart
10.20am-12.00am--- Read through notes and got ready for teaching, ate some of a salad before class.
12-2pm----- Geology Lab doing palaeontology work for first year geology students
2-5pm---- First year Biology Lab doing plant dissections looking at the inner architecture of plants, roots and leaves. I was so hungry all day and did not have time to eat my lunch. :(

But beautiful weather yesterday and so inspired by spring to do things, to get fit, to be organised.
Zalia is feeling so much better and was good for the nanny yesterday. They played in the park, she ate well, had a sleep and played outside with bubbles and chalk on the cement.
Joaquin had show and tell at his preschool and took Thomas the Train and Percy his friend.
5.30pm-- Got home after Jas picked me up form Uni
5.30-6.15pm--- Breastfed Zalia again and made dinner (Vegetable soup with organic vegetables) and basmatti rice and a lettuce and avocado salad.
Then at 6.15pm we went to pick up the organic fruit and vegetable box. There was bananas, avocados, apples, lemons, beetroot, carrots, chard, celery, garlic and a few other things I can't now remember.
The kids were fed, bathed and in bed by 8.30pm. I stayed up cleaned and watched tv. I think I was asleep by 11pm.
Today was better, Joaquin got up at 8am and Zalia at 7.00am. I got up with Jas at 5.50am and the kids slept through the night and there was no one in our bed this morning. So nice to know they are in their bed sleeping.
I think I will just stay at home, clean, make dinner and just organise my life. I may have left over soup for lunch. The kids already had wheetbix, crumpets, toast and thomas the tank engine pasta for breakfast!

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