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Monday, March 21, 2011

At home in Patagonia

It has been raining today. Joaquin went to preschool early (He starts at 8am and gets up at 7.30am). He always is tired, he had a late night last night, watching the wiggles on the ipad.
I am trying to get someone to look after J and Z while I do work on the computer. A sort of Nanny. There are a few adverts in the local newspaper but I find the girls who advertise do not really have experience, are not professional and are a bit young. I called two girls who could not come over to meet me or talk about the job as (These are the excuses) a) it was raining and b) one came over but could not find the address even though I gave her the address so many times over the phone. She sent me a txt message that she got lost and then when we called back she was talking about a bridge (don't need to cross a bridge to get here). In the end she was 19 and a bit young.
A finally called another girl (she is 31 and she showed up later in the evening, even though it was raining and even though I wanted to make it the next day. She has experience, she has a 15 year old daughter, and seems to be very with it.
So we will see how this goes.

I have been inspired by many blogs and I have put them on my blog list.
Also found this kids edition magazine.
Sweet Paul Magazine online Kids edition

Photos around the house (my house in Patagonia)

Joaquin and Zalia's wardrobe
j and z clothes cupboard


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