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Sunday, March 20, 2011


It rained early this morning. So the ground was a bit wet when we got up.
We woke up and my dad went and bought us some facturas. I had them with a nice hot cup of cafe con leche. We had to go to vote today for the new Governor of Chubut and intendente of the city of Esquel, I could not vote, even though I have my new DNI.
facturas domingo before_1
facturas domingo
Joaquin ate two (he loves the ones with Dulce de Leche).

After voting, (the females vote in one school, the males in another). My dad went home early and made a tomato pasta sauce and bought some chicken ravoili and we had them for lunch. This is Seb's last day, he is going back to Cordoba tomorrow. I will miss him so. I am sure Joaquin will miss him a lot especially since he has taught him a how to play soccer. Zalia too will miss him.

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