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Friday, March 18, 2011

what i did this week

What I achieved in the week

Finished writing abstract
Did some research for abstract
Sent abstract
Payed conference at the bank
Organised and payed for Joaquin's swimming classes
Bought Joaquin sneakers 90 pesos (about $25 aussie)
Bought a pair of pink leather platform shoes and black leather boots for me (got a discount total $180 aussie).
Anyway I finally sent it, payed for the conference,
Bought Zalia pink baby sneakers 40 pesos ($10 aussie)
Worried and was shocked about what Has happened with Japan earthquake, tsunami and fear of radiation after nuclear reactor problems.
Getting organised with bathing and feeding kids without Jas around (but have a lot of help with parents and Seb).
Picked up my new DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) with change of address (cost me 160 pesos to get new DNI and new Argentinean passport and change of address). Its baby blue and was made with 100% Argentinian resorces, it comes in a booklet and a card format. Very happy with how quick it took to get. My passport has not come though.
Trying to organise J and Z citizenship. Have to get their birth certificates translated and that may mean getting them stamped in Buenos Aires by the Colegio de traductores publicos. Very long process after that.
Had a few conversations and discussions with my parents and Seb.
Had a lovely afternoon going for a walk down the river. There is not much water as it has a been a dry summer. But Seb carried Zalia in the ergo, and Joaquin, mum, Bondi the dog and Joaquin's little friend Dante had a nice walk. It was after 6 when we got home, still daylight but the moon was already rising above the mountains. I showed Joaquin and his friend how to search for fossils, both were finding things on the ground and asking me if that was bone or a fossil. Joaquin was running and climbing like crazy and very excited being with his friend and walking in Nature. It was lovely.

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