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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Passport renewal

Today Friday I woke up at 6 to get to an appointment at 7am to get my passport and DNI renewed. When i got there with the taxi, I was told I needed my birth certificate so I grabbed the "waiting number" (everything is done with a numerito here, you get a number and wait your turn until your number is called). My number was 12, I went outside rang my dad and then a taxi by chance pulled up, I had told my dad to find my birth certificate and in the end I caught the taxi (disco music blaring One Night in Bangkok)and my dad waiting outside the house and gave me my certificate. The registro civil office was packed with people waiting for their numbers to be called, to get new documents, to get married, to get their new born babies documented. I had gone the day before (also a lot of people lining up in a small little room) and was told to pay in the post office and then come back the next day at 7am. Luckily my parents were able to get Joaquin up for preschool, feed him breakfast, get Z up and take Joaquin to preschool. I am lucky to have my parents to help me out.
In the end I was finally attended to at around 9am and it the passport application was all done digitally, i was the second person in Esquel to get their passports done digitally. It will take 20 days so i was quite impressed, no more black ink on fingers for finger prints, no more bureaucracy, no more waiting in big ques and not knowing what will happen, it is all done digitally. I am also trying to get J and Z Argentinian citizenship so lets see how that goes. Cross my fingers!

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