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Saturday, March 26, 2011

La trochita

Saturday morning, my dad made fresh bread and we got ready to go to ride the steam train La Trochita. Joaquin loves trains and is in awe of La trochita. It was a very cold morning so we knew it would be cold at Nahuel Pan station where the train stops.
La trochita 26 March 2011
Abuelos La trochita 26 March 2011
Joaquin looking out window La trochita 26 March 2011
Wagon  La trochita 26 March 2011
Joaquin La trochita c
Esquel in the backgroundFrom La trochita c
From La trochita a
Curva del huevo La trochita b
Casitas Nahuel Pan Station
casita Nahuel Pan station
The four of them Nahuel Pan Station
Nahuel Pan station abuelos y J
He sat with his Abuelo and I sat with Mum and Zalia.
abuelo y Joaquin La trochita b
Zalia La trochita b
Abuela y Zalia La trochita
The scenery is beautiful, it changes so much, from being flat in Esquel, then crossing el Arroyo Esquel near where my parents live, then riding up the big hill, and the scenery changes again with big mountains everywhere, the majestic Nahuel Pan and the snow-peaked cordilleras in the west. Then as it leaves Esquel behind it travels along the plain and I love this bit the best, the Patagonian steppe with its beautiful dry vegetation and expanse. The colours are gorgeous and I love it. It looks almost velvety to touch.
Caballos near Nahuel Pan La trochita b
Caballos near Nahuel Pan La trochita d
Near Nahuel Pan La trochita
casita Nahuel Pan station b
Joaquin on La trochita going back b
Zalia was well behaved on the train, she wanted to look out the window and so did Joaquin. Joaquin really adapts well and knows where he is going and where he has been. He knows there are bridges to cross and mountains to pass, he remembers when he was a little one 17 months old and we took him walking on La Trochita Track.

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