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Friday, March 11, 2011

Zalia at 10 months- Esquel updates

I am trying to get organised now that Jas is back in Australia. It is really hard as he is such great help, we miss him so. I miss snuggling up to him in bed and miss him when that dreaded dinner "grumpy" time comes around. When J and Z need to be bath, fed, and Z breastfed and Joaquin read to. I need to start reading more to Z. She is such an active and bright little baby. Very much with it, she wants to be held a lot though however is crawling and being independent.
She has a strong personality and really knows what she wants. My life is going to get extremely harder the older she gets. She is also full of beans and very very active, does not stop moving or baby talking. Has started saying more words not just da-da but with other constants like Pa and La and she when I copy what she says she continues, she has a lot of rhythm and loves to sing with the little sounds she makes.
So at times it has been stressful. I have a lot to catch up on, to do, but my parents are great and help out so much. My mum does not stop all day, I do not know where she gets her energy. I on the other hand have to start exercising, and sleeping better as I can not sleep much. Luckily last night J and Z slept well, in their little room and Z slept through the night and had a three hour afternoon sleep yesterday.

Joaquin is also very good and doing well with new friends, loving his preschool and fitting in well. Yesterday we had a parents meeting so I went at midday and it was to tell me that Joaquin's class (4-5year old salita) will now split and there will be the 5 year olds and the 3 and 4 in anther class with another teacher Seno Graciela (his other teacher Seno Lili was so nice and sweet and always looked out for Joaquin).
Anyway there is a little girl in his class who is 2 days older than Joaquin, so she is moving to the next class with him. I think that is better so they can concentrate on doing things more age appropriate and he may learn to write his name and not bother the older kids with english words. He is learning a lot of spanish too.

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