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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday and I am exhausted

Its been a bit hectic without Jas over here in Patagonia. we really miss him and I feel a bit strange without him. The weather is changed and it is cooler. Mum and Dad's garden though is still very green and the trees all have their leaves. Joaquin was sick Thursday and Friday so he did not go to swimming lessons or preschool. I enrolled him for swimming lessons and also checked out the pool. Here in Argentina to use the public pool you need to visit the doctor at the pool who sits you down (in swimmers and thongs) and checks to see you don't have fungi on your feet, or tummy, and opens your mouth to see if there are no cavities. (Mind you I may have to visit the dentist while here as i Have a sore tooth). Zalia stayed at home and Joaquin was very excited to visit the pool. It was weird for him to get him ready to swim (changed him into swimmers in the female toilet) but just visited a doctor (or nurse) who was hidden away in a little room adjoining the toilets. After seeing the doctor Joaquin asked "Can I swim now?" He will have lessons with Maiza twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays and it cost me $125 pesos for the month which is roughly $55 aussie.
Joaquin has been good but missing his daddy. He is having fun with his uncle Seba and learning to play soccer. Seb says Joaquin plays soccer well for a three year old. He also has been playing Zombies on the ipad with Seba and used to be scared of the zoombies but now loves to play. I think he may be a little bit obsessed. He has a bit of temperature now and did not go to preschool. But my parents were out shopping and ran into his preschool teacher Seno Lily (they call the teachers senorita but mostly seno which is short for senorita). She asked about Joaquin and how he was going and said she missed him and told my parents how gorgeous he was.
Friday midday we took Joaquin to the doctors. We went to see a female pediatric doctor who dad knew (well dad knows her husband who is also a pediatric doctor). She was very good, checked Joaquin out, said it was probably a cold or virus, but ordered a throat swab which in the end turned out negative. She gave me iboprofen for his temperature and told me to give it to him if it was high and he felt unwell, He was saying his throat hurt or more his neck hurt at the front. But the doctor was impressed at how good he behaved, how tall he was and how much he weighed seemingly he looked thin. He is 108cm and weighed over 18kg. She was very professional, told me he was congested and perhaps will begin to cough as he had to release the congestion some how. Joaquin seemed a bit sick and I think he had a fever. Regardless he is eating well. The dr said to keep up a lot of fluids.

I also asked the dr to look at Zalia, she squirmed so much and cried when the dr looked in her ears. She told me that she was very active (yes I know and a handful but I love her to bits).
Zalia knows when she is visiting a dr and observes everything and really tries to get out of being checked. She was fine though. I asked her if it was normal that Z screams and cries a lot, she said
yes every baby is different, and that i probably noticed this when she was born". Yes when Z was born, she was a very good baby, quiet, slept well, ate a lot and no crying. She started to screech one day when we were in the apartment in Coogee, I think around the 6 month mark, she was in her cot, trying to sleep, it was night time and she was scared and heard Joaquin cry as he did not want his dinner and was getting in trouble. Since that day she really screams at the top of her lungs (very highly and loudly) when she wants something or things do not go her way.

Zalia has been good too, though not sleeping that well at night. She either has a bit of a cold, or the house is too hot with the gas heaters on, or she is going through a developmental growth spurt. She is awake for the last few days from 1-3am. Well she tries to sleep but wakes crying, I bf her and she does not want to put in her cot (normally after a night feed she goes back into her cot and sleeps by herself). She is very upset and does not want to sleep in her cot, nor be held, nor sleep in my bed. She is happiest having a feed. During the day she is ok, she eats a lot (of everything), not sleeping too well during the day- still on two sleeps but a bit shorter. Seb and Mum have been helping putting her down for her day sleep. I have been busy trying to finish an abstract to send to a conference and have been stressed and procrastinating a bit.

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