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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday in Esquel

Today being Saturday we did not do much. Joaquin has been tired and slept better last night. Zalia still got up and would not sleep from 1-3am. She bf a lot and was a bit upset when I put her back in her cot. I left her there, she cried for a while and then I got her up and bf her again. Finally she dozed off at 3am. I was so tired. Thankfully we all slept in till 8am. Had breakfast, Joaquin seems better, no fever. Zalia ate all her porridge and toast and Joaquin his cornflakes and toast. It was a bit windy last night and the last few days it has snowed on the mountains. Nahuel Pan is all white and out towards the Andes the tips of the tall mountains are white.
Zalia did sleep well today, 2 sleeps, easy to go down, one before lunch in the morning, one after lunch. While Z had her morning sleep I was able to get some work done on my paper and feel good I have advanced a little bit.
Z ate well at lunch, milaneza and mashed pure and corn. She really is a good eater, eats everything and a lot of it. She is growing and is very active all day. She loves to dance to music and moves her bum to any beat she hears, very cute. Joaquin had corn (cut with butter) and milaneza. We also had a lovely salad with lettuce and brucula for my mum's vege garden. Also the first tomato has finally grown.
After Lunch while Z slept, my mum cleaned the kitchen and I afterward wipe the dishes and sweep. Joaquin played zombies on the ipad with Seb and then we had a long talk while Joaquin watched Thomas in spanish and then Dinosaur train came on in Spanish too.
We had afternoon tea at around 6pm. Toast, and yoghurt and mate. Z and J have toast with cream cheese and yoghurt and Z also had half a banana. She has started to point at people and at things she wants. She wanted the banana and was pointing to it so we could feed her more. She really knows how to communicate.
After this Seb and Joaquin went outside and played soccer for over an hour. Joaquin was running around a lot even though he is meant to be recovering. The weather was great, quite warm but gray skies. Joaquin also had a really good run around yesterday when Dante came over in the afternoon to play. They play really well together even though there is nearly 2 years difference in age. Joaquin is learning a lot of spanish and speaks to Dante in Spanish or tries to.
I then at 7pm bathed Z, She is much happier today, not so many screams. She enjoyed her bath, playing after her bath with her doll and some other toys while i made pasta and veges for dinner. Both J and Z ate well, Z really ate a lot of pasta and wanted to pick the pasta bits herself out of the bowl. When it was time for bed mum helped by putting Z down for her sleep (after a bf and a bottle and I read to them both a little book). It did not take long for Z to fall asleep ( i think she is back to her old self) and I read J a book and gave him some milk. He started coughing a bit. I fell asleep with him at around 9.30pm and at 10pm he started coughing and ended up vomiting in his bed. I changed him, and we went to my bed. In the end my parents came over, Seb bought me some pizza for dinner and Joaquin was up. The pizza was quite delish, considering it was shop bought. I have not been having dinner lately as we have a big lunch during the day. I usually have a yogurt, or fruit or a tiny bit of Joaquin's left over pasta. But i am trying to lose some weight before I get back to Sydney.
Anyway after all this excitement Joaquin ended up falling asleep at about 11pm. Hopefully he will sleep in tomorrow morning. I spoke to J on skype, he was a bit green after his big night out in Randwick without kids. I am glad he got out though, He said it has been raining quite a bit in Sydney and when there was a small gap in the weather, he walked to Randwick and met up with some friends at the pub.

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